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Our Ethics

We prefer to let you decide what quality is but here are some facts about our ingredients.

The Dangerous Kitchen is on an endless journey of improvement, since we bought the cafe in 2010 we have been committed to the search for the best ingredients we can find. 99% of our fresh produce is grown locally and either organically or sprayfree. All of our eggs are free range and all of our breakfast eggs are from local free range and organically fed chickens. We have been actively forging relationships with local growers and supporting the movement of local food production. We know where and how this food is grown. Respect and gratitude to all the local growers harnessing the abundant fertility of golden bay, you know who you are, keep up the good work!

Aside from a couple of locally made sweets we make all of our own cabinet food, yes that's right everything! We make our own pizza bases, pesto, hummus, aioli, pizza sauce, beans etc. All of our pulses and gluten free grains are certified organic. Our cold drinks range speaks for itself with a premium rotating collection of craft nz beers and local wines, many are organic, sustainable, "carbon zero" and all are exceptional, as a rule we virtually always buy wine directly from the growers and makers and appreciate these ongoing relationships. We continue to find more and more interesting locally made drinks for the juice fridge so do have a look, you may be surprised.


Our coffee is roasted daily in Wellington and supplied by Coffee Supreme. Coffee Supreme has taken coffee to the next level of quality assurance, as all of their coffee beans are directly traded and their coffee growers receive beyond fair trade expectations. For more information about coffee supreme check out our flyers at the counter or click here.

People love us!

This is my favourite place in Takaka. Great vibe, awesome food, beer and wine. Supreme coffee and all round awesome place to hang out. I recommend sitting in the garden area...  raspberry cheesecake was amazing!!


Awesome service, lovely staff with such welcoming smiles and the right amount of banter. Food was to die for tasty, absolutely addictive and nice size proportions.

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